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Klangpark 99    


"Technically speaking, the Klangpark can be described as four imposing loudspeaker towers and a mobile digital production studio featuring Internet link-up. With respect to time, the Klangpark was played out from early morning to late at night over the course of four days. As an actual acoustic space, the Klangpark manifested itself in the Donaupark, a recreational area of about 30,000 m² located right in downtown Linz, and one which is a perfect example of the qualities commonly associated with the term 'public space'." (cd-liner notes) add. members: Michael Nyman, Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner, Robert Worby, Gordan Paunovic

formed / disbanded

formed: Sep 1999

disbanded: Sep 1999




Name Instrument(e) Von Bis Anm.
Sam Auingerelectronics, programmingSep 1999Sep 1999-
Markus «Maex» Deckerprogramming, electronicsSep 1999Sep 1999-
Wolfgang «Fadi» Dorningerelectronics, programmingJun 1999Nov 1999-
Rupert Huberelectronics, programmingSep 1999Sep 1999-
Joachim «Josh» Schnaitterprogramming, electronicsSep 1999Sep 1999-


Jahr Record Format
1999It Could Be A Song - It Could Be A BeatCD