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Red Light Romance    


Since 1993 Gernot Hoeller (guitar), Guenther Hoeller (bass), Martin Herbst (percussion) and Michael Ossmann (vocals) participated in miscellaneous band projects around Graz.
In the beginning of March 2005 they decided to make a band and played music in this formation for the first time. The intention was to unite the unique sound of every individual member and create a new and intoxicating sound that makes it difficult for music lovers and wannabes to keep their bodies under control.
The first songs were written faster than ever expected and the result caused goose bumps and a terrific atmosphere among the band members. After their first gig at Forum Stadtpark Veilchen in Graz (beginning of November 2005) it was clearly shown, that Red Light Romance stands for uncompromising modern rock, that definitely demands to be heard with pleasure.
Somewhere between The Cure, The Doves and Interpol is a sound that doesnt mince matters. At the moment the four guys from RLR are recording new songs, which will be brought to life as soon as possible. Starting in March 2008 Red Light Romance will be increasingly performing on stage. RLR will meet your expectations - satisfaction guaranteed!

formed / disbanded

formed: 2005




Name Instrument(e) Von Bis Anm.
Martin Herbstperc.---
Gernot Höllerguit.---
Günther Höllereb.---
Michael Ossmannvoc.---


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