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A Taste of Ink (ATOI)    


First of all we want to thank each and every one of you for your numerous messages and feedback. We strongly believe in the power of the fans and your passion and we are overwhelmingly glad that we managed to come so far. 2008 brought us so many wonderful things we never expected and we are so thankful for that. We thought we need to tell you that we are still alive and kicking; ready to change the image of the typical Austrian rock band forever! First of all, we are still working with all our hearts on the first album. At the moment we are finishing the mastering of the last few songs and are finalizing the artwork for the album! Right now you can listen to 3 new songs; more to come! As soon as we have finished the artwork you¿ll see an update of the page as well! We can¿t tell you too much at the moment but one thing; The Album will be out this year and the release party will be big! Of course the location and other details have yet to be fixed, but we will keep you posted on that! Regardless of all that however, the biggest news at the moment is that we will be featured on the US alternative rock sampler 11th Hour Confessions! We are so glad to participate in this project, by the name of ¿To Write Love On Her Arms¿, dedicated to helping those that need help with depression, addiction, and suicide. We contribute with our first single ¿By Now¿ and hope that our music, our lyrics and foremost our believe in ourselves can be of help to others and give strength in the time of need. The sampler will be available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and you will be able to get yours over our page as well! We have so much to tell you¿and this is just the beginning! We promise to keep you posted on everything and hope that you bring along the same energy and excitement to our next show! We want you to beat a path to our concert doors!

¿We Want You To Believe¿¿





Name Instrument(e) Von Bis Anm.
Stefan «Ninety One» Heligeguit.---
Wolfgang «Slim Jim» Riedldr., perc.---
Jörg «Ypmen» Schirlbauervoc.---
Gregor «Stamina» Schmidhofereb.---
Christian «Van Handling» Wöberguit.---


A Taste of Ink (ATOI)-