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Delphy Entertainment Rekords


year title artist mentioned for format
2010I Hear YouGiant DwarflabelCD
2010Dark & Full of LifeTransmittinglabelCD
2009Ultra NaturalElektrofarmerlabelCD
2008Mia's FactoryZabelka, MialabelCD
2008Ein GlueckPhiladelphy, Martin / Gernhardt, RobertlabelCD
2007SenzualePhiladelphy - MartineklabelCD
2007Open To Attack With Exuberate SilencePhiladephy´s PaintlabelCD
2007String Driven Blower6to6 String DezibellabelCD
20066to6 String DezibelPhiladephy´s PaintlabelCD
2006Zuhause/HomePhiladelphy - MartineklabelCD
2005Tap the EtherealPhiladephy´s PaintlabelCD-2
2005BeautyfoolPhiladelphy - MartineklabelCD
2004Reality MusicPhiladephy´s PaintlabelCD
2003aufundzuundabundanSheriff's von NottinghamlabelCD
2001Elektro FarmerPhiladelphy / HampllabelCD
2000The Philadelphy ExperiencePhiladelphy Experience, ThelabelCD
1999HeimgespinnstePhiladelphy, Martinlabel, distributionCD
1997In Gnomini Et Philadelphy AmenPhiladelphy, MartindistributionCD, MC
-Kubadub Dancehallv.a.labelCD

press items

article medium issue page date
Ganz der ZappaFalter - Zeitschrift12/08-21. mär 2008

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Giant Dwarf-