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Sessionwork Records Ch. Auer KG


Wiener Jazz Label (est. 2007)


name function
Christoph Pepe Auerowner


year title artist mentioned for format
2021My Feet on Solid GroundJune in Octoberlabel
2021Put the Lights OutJune in Octoberlabeldigital
2020Hopeful TearsSigmunlabelCD
2020EpicPurple is the ColorlabelCD
2020esteemMartin Reiter & The Flowlabel12INCH33
2019White NoiseAuer, Christoph Pepelabel12INCH33, CD
2018When Was The Last Time Vol. 1Sketchbook QuartetlabelCD
2018Better PlaceMartin Reiter Organ Bandlabeldigital
2017Time CollapsesLost ToyslabelCD
2016LithiumLenz, PeterlabelCD
2016John Arman Organ TrioJohn Arman Organ TriolabelCD
2016FünfHI5label, distributionCD
2016Songbook Volume IPeterstorfer, Harald & Angerer, AlilabelCD
2016Melodias SoltasAïmendalabelCD
2016#1We Don't DancelabelCD
2016JohannaDivine Musical BureaulabelCD
2015Ottos MopsSketchbook QuartetlabelCD
2015MondphasenLagger, MichaellabelCD
2015Loktor Of HeavenLoktorlabelCD
2015Songs I LikeAuer, Christoph PepelabelCD
201533 44 55Weisse WaendelabelCD
2014White ElephantsListen to LeenalabelCD
2014Mosquito WarriorDickbauer CollectivelabelCD
2014Acoustic & Electric TrioMartin J. ReiterlabelCD-2
2014Attack Decay Sustain ReleaseHI5labelCD
2014Inventions & ImpressionsMartin J. ReiterlabelCD
2013UltrakarlEdi NulzlabelCD
2013In Your HeadLana IslabelCD
2013The SpinningRuppnig, MathiaslabelCD
2013Bigger Than HomeDelago, ManulabelCD
2013TangartaBakanic's Trio Infernal, Christianlabel
2013With YouRuff Pack, ThelabelCD
2012Nameless Lovev.a.labelCD
2012SquareRuppnig, MathiaslabelCD
2012ArabarooTemmel & BakaniclabelCD
2012Around The WorldFalb FictionlabelCD
2012Living Room In LondonLiving RoomlabelCD
2012JetztEdi NulzlabelCD
2011LifelineHeckel, Stefan GrouplabelCD
2011HermannologyGHO OrchestralabelCD
2011DuoLylit-Löscher DuolabelCD
2010Gravity PointStein, BastianlabelCD
2010Made In Silence 2Delago, ManulabelCD
2010The Vienna SuiteVienna Suite, ThelabelCD
2010Colouring BookLiving RoomlabelCD-EXTRA
2010OriginationFlow, ThelabelCD
2010Colouring BookAuer, Christoph Pepe & Manu DelagolabelCD
2010AkrostikonLagger, MichaellabelCD
2009Stanleys NightmareAethaphonlabelCD
2009Thoughts & IdeasLöscher, Matthias QuartetlabelCD
2009Nordic WalkingNord.Rand.BandlabelCD
2009Living Room in LondonAuer, Christoph Pepe & Manu DelagolabelCD
2009 Living Room In London - Exclusive Fringe EditionLiving RoomlabelCD
2008LiveAuer, Christoph Pepe QuartetlabelCD
2008AdventiousDelago, ManulabelCD
2008Hector's Trip WireWe Love TuesdayslabelCD
2007Living RoomLiving RoomlabelCD, CD-EXTRA
2007Fat Tuesday Presents: Jazzwerkstatt Graz Vol. 1v.a.labelCD
-Frei ErfundenWeisse Waendelabel

press items

article medium issue page date
Made in A.Film, Sound & Media06/21-jun 2021
Made in A.Film, Sound & Media04/21-apr 2021
Made in A.Film, Sound & Media02/21-feb 2021
Made in A.Film, Sound & Media10/19-okt 2019
Made in A.Film, Sound & Media05/15-mai 2015
Kurz + GutFreistil59-mär 2015
miniportrait - Ich trink TränenlikörConcerto01/15-feb 2015
Qualitätsarbeit aus TirolConcerto05/14-okt 2014
Jazz AustriaConcerto06/13-dez 2013
Österreichischer Jazz im AuftriebConcerto05/12-nov 2012


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