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Noise Park Activities


DIY Label mit Hang zum Experimentellen, Noise, Grind, Hardcore, ... Viele internationale Interpreten


name function
Andreas HaslauerCEO


year title artist mentioned for format
2011Taming The WillowsJardin D'Hiverdistribution, labelCD-R
2011And NowAmablelabelCD
2010TapeBellowslabel, artwork, distributionMC
2010Tripping Trees / Grim Kirby - Splitv.a.distributionCD-R
2010TapeApes Fight Backdistribution, label, artwork, distribution, label, artworkMC30
2010Dreamland 3000Grim Kirbydistribution, label, artworkSONDER
2010D.Nye / Grim Kirby - Splitv.a.distributionSONDER
2010Hunt For Yoshi/Abstract Artimus - Splitv.a.distributionCD-MINI
2010Boar / Grim Kirby - Splitv.a.distributionCD-R
2010A Beautiful Lotus/Melted Cassettes/Wet Dreams - Splitv.a.distributionCD-MINI
2010Grim Kirby / Swin Deorin - Splitv.a.distributionMC
2010Mal D'Or and The Firetroniks/ Grim Kirby - Split Tapev.a.distributionMC
2010Dental Work / Grim Kirby - Splitv.a.distributionCD
2010Looks Like &%! 3Amagetdistribution, label, artworkCD
2010Kid, just letting you know, we are doing it again!Fucking Werewolf Assodistribution, label, artworkCD-MINI
2010Noise AgainFabiorosholabelCD
2010DNAPornoheftdistribution, label, artworkMC30
2009Umbrellas In The RainUmbrellas In The Raindistribution, label, artworkCD-R
2009Super Awesome Hardcore Music Album ForeverA Beautiful Lotusdistribution, label, distribution, labelCD-R
2009DemoApes Fight BacklabelCD
2009A Beautiful Lotus/ They All Had Tentacles - Splitv.a.distributionCD
20092 Ep TapeP.U.T.distribution, label, artworkMC
2009TapeBoltdistribution, label, artworkMC
2009Boar/ Endometrium Cuntplow/ Sloppy Seconds/ Grim Kirby - Splitv.a.distributionCD
2009Demo¿¿¿¿distribution, label, artworkcd
2009DotåbåtåDotåbåtådistribution, label, artworkCD-MINI
2009They All Had TentaclesThey All Had Tentaclesdistribution, label, artworkCD
2009D.Nyye/ Dental Work/ Dzlav - Splitv.a.distributionCD
2009Dot Matrix with Jazz SoundGrim Kirbydistribution, label, artworkCD-MINI
2009One Half Magic/ Grim Kirby - Splitv.a.distributionCD-MINI
2009Again (Part3)Wserdistribution, label, artworkCD
2009TapeNeon Navajodistribution, label, artworkMC30
2008Super Sonic SuicidesEndometrium Cuntplowdistribution, artwork, labelCD-R
2008Grim Kirby / Kinky Cinch / Zebra Mu - Splitv.a.artworkCD-R
2008Scene.Decoder.RingA Beautiful Lotusdistribution, label, artworkCD-MINI
2008Les TrucsLes Trucsdistribution, label, artworkCD-MINI
2008Morbus MeniérePrclsdistribution, label, artworkCD-R
2008ColosslothColosslothdistribution, label, artworkCD-R
2008For A DeviceRosemary Maligndistribution, label, artworkCD-R
2008Dead RabbitWserdistribution, label, artworkCD-R
2008Breakdancing Ronald Reagan/ Grim Kirby - SplitGrim Kirbydistribution, label, artworkCD-R
2008Akuma Daikon / Grim Kirby ¿¿ Splitv.a.distributionCD-R
2008Waddle Dee/ Grim Kirby - Splitv.a.distributionCD
2008A Beautiful Lotus/ Grim Kirby - Splitv.a.distributionCD
2008LundiTrambdistribution, label, artworkCD
2008AyuyuAyuyudistribution, label, artworkCD
2008Boar / Buzzardhawk - Splitv.a.distributionCD
2007Dreamland 2Grim Kirbylabel, distributionSONDER


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