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additional CCP-releases: "Der Wanderer" (CCP 100191-2) by "Riger" (Germany/Frankfurt a.d. Oder); "Der Prophet des Chaos" (CCP 100199-2) by Grabak (Germany); "Falschheit" (CCP 100204-2) by Dorn (Germany); "Gorgeous Symphonies of Evil" (CCP 100205-2) by May Result (Yugoslavia)


name function
Claus «Ringo» PrellingerBoss + Techniker
Eva SalznerPromotion


year title artist mentioned for format
2005Organic Perpetual HateworkAstarothlabelCD
2003Stillborn RebirthIn SlumberlabelCD
2003Near Life ExperienceShadowcastlabelCD
2003Leaving The SwampsMortuslabelCD
2002Desperate Accuse DimensionShadowcastlabelCD
2001Exploring New HorizonsMortuslabelCD
2001Annuus Suprimus (1996-1997)AstarothlabelCD
2001Der Schatten Einer ExistenzVanitaslabelCD
2000ShatteredSeptic CemeterylabelCD
1999Glow Dying SunJack Frostlabel, distributionCD
1999WogSen LotuslabelCD
1999NachtgedankenEnidlabel, distributionCD
1999Traum ewiger FinsternisVobiscumlabel, distributionCD
1999Bitter ist´s dem Tod zu dienenDornenreichlabel, distributionCD
1999Death Alone From Life Can SaveDaylight Tornlabel, distributionCD
1999A Sombre DanceEstatic FearlabelCD
1999Escape From SuctionNerthuslabel, distributionCD
1999Life Kills / Ich möcht so gern auf Seite 1Superplastikdistribution07INCH45
1999Violent Soundtrack MartyriumAstarothlabelCD
1998Impulse ´98 - Der X-Act Sampler Vol. 2v.a.labelCD-2
1998DogmaGeneral Bomb Machinelabel, distributionCD
1998InhaleyesBruendlingerlabel, distributionCD
1998Global EnergyJesus Christ Smokes Holy GasolinedistributionCD
1997Grotesque Autumnal WeepingsThirdmoonlabelCD
1997JukeboxCountry SwingerslabelCD
1997X-ACT- Impulse 97v.a.labelCD
1997The Beat of GreedMortuslabel, distributionCD
1997One More Second SickDoll Steaklabel, distributionCD
1997Dans Vos YeuxJacques Brel Massacre, LelabelCD
1997Grotesque Autumnal WeepingsThird Moonlabel, distributionCD
1997Lonesome MeMikellabel, distributionCD
1997SklavengottAstarothlabel, distributionCD
1997Nicht um zu sterbenDornenreichlabel, distributionCD
1997Diabolos RebellionSeptic Cemeterylabel, distributionCD
1996The Wipeout Remixesv.a.label12INCH45
1996HopelessMortuslabel, distributionCD
1996SalivaWipeoutlabel, distributionCD
1996PsychosisMindcurelabel, distributionCD
1996ElsewhereJack Frostlabel, distributionCD
1996Somnium ObmutumEstatic Fearlabel, distributionCD
1996CarpetShine SallylabelCD
1996Oh My GodPassengers, Thelabel, distributionCD
1996Zeitd.Llabel, distributionCD
1996ChristenfeindAstarothlabel, distributionCD
1995Move A LotA.M.C.label, distributionCD
1995d.f.t.n.u.Doll Steakdistribution, labelMC
1995Swamps of HappinessWipeoutlabel, distributionCD
1995Sorrow Kill MachineChillblainslabel, distributionCD
1995The Importance of Being CharlesFranxlabel, distributionCD
1995GiverShine Sallylabel, distributionCD
1995In The Mood For SlaveryHooch Ganglabel, distributionCD
1995Maniac WithinManiac Withinlabel, distributionCD
1995Youd.Llabel, distributionCD
1995EdenJack Frostlabel, distributionCD
19951+1+1 = 4Vanalabel, distributionCD
1995How To Kill Your NeighbourJesus Christ Smokes Holy Gasolinelabel, distributionCD
1995PanaceaMindcurelabel, distributionCD
1994Cover Me - Metal Freak Samplerv.a.distributionCD
1994Lost & FoundJohnnys, Dielabel, distributionCD
1994Total VerrocktGrenzganglabel, distributionCD
1994AbsurdAbsurdlabel, distributionCD
1994Rudy Walks The JungleRUDYlabelCD
1994Big MäxBig MäxlabelCD
1994Live / TalkSplitting - SpanklabelCD
1994Straight Ahead To Rock 'N' RollNo Fashionlabel, distributionCD
1994Vögel, Fische & EngelEx MachinalabelCD
1993Nickel 5Groovelabel, distributionCD
1993Right Between The EyesCariotlabel, distributionCD
1993Men Without A MissionSmart Importlabel, distributionCD
1993Fright This NoiseIgnore This Signlabel, distributionCD
1993FearStand To FalllabelCD
1993In Space And TimePassengers, ThelabelCD
1993I don't careFranxlabelCD
1992Ex MachinaEx Machinalabel12INCH33
1992StonedMollies, DielabelCD
-They DecidedDoll Steaklabel, distributionCD-MINI
-For A WhileMary Go Rounddistribution, labelCD

press items

article medium issue page date
NewsLegacy11-feb 2001
Die Dunkle Seiter der AlmRennbahn Express03/01-feb 2001
Estatic FearX-Act48-mai 2000

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Jack FrostLabel
No Fashion-
Ignore This Sign-
Jesus Christ Smokes Holy GasolineContact
Estatic Fear-
Third Moon-
General Bomb Machine-
Septic Cemetery-
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