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add. releases: A-Strain "Tune Order" (1998, CD 450 354), Travellers "Maybe Tomorrow" (1998, CD 450 353), Peter O´Mara "Heritage" (1998, CD 450 355)


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Manfred PrentnerChef

parent company

Beat Bull ProductionBeat Bull is a division of SBF Recors


year title artist mentioned for format
2009In Any Shade of ColorTime for PridelabelCD
2005BehavePocket RocketdistributionCD
2005We!come HomeKontrustdistributionCD
2000AspectsPuschnig, WolfgangdistributionCD
1999A mords mostige MusiKagadistribution, labelCD
1999Puppet´s DanceHerbert, Peter & Peter MadsendistributionCD
1999Ducks And DinersBase, ThedistributionCD
1999Cry FluteWehinger, GünterdistributionCD
1998La Lampe PhilosophiqueUpper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, ThedistributionCD
1998Phunkeephied SoulutionX-ColoureddistributionCD
1998Streunende HörnerSaxofourdistributionCD
1998Back To The BluesGillespie, DanadistributionCD
1998Time Doesn´t Matter At AllBlack RosedistributionCD
1997FairytaleBallycottondistribution, labelCD
1997Straight TalkHelicopters (Schönleitner, Helmut & Helicopters)label, distributionCD
1997Joanna´s WeddingBallycottondistributionCD
1997Little Drummer Boyv.a.distributionCD
1997Snap Crackle And PopFlakes, Thelabel, distributionCD
1997The Spirit of NatureYumansdistribution, labelCD
1997Great Story of A HomeOut of BluedistributionCD
1997BirnbeitlnMostviertler BirnbeitlerdistributionCD
1996Extended VersionBruckner's Unlimiteddistribution, labelCD
1996Save The RobotsSchrenk, Conrad ExtravaganzadistributionCD
1996Rainbow In Your EyesBlack RosedistributionCD
1996Live In Zürich / PromoSokal, Harry Rave The Jazz!label, distributionCD-MINI
1996Live In ZürichSokal, Harry Rave The Jazz!label, distributionCD
1995Solo Works ´89-93Klaus DickbauerdistributionCD
1995Boarder´s World Vol.1v.a.distributionCD
1995Darkness Pursues The ButterflyPeter & PeterdistributionCD
1995Bruckner's DrittbesteBruckner's UnlimitedlabelCD
1994Les PlaisirsAnonimusdistribution, labelCD
1994Remain In ExistenceHagauer, Günter & New Austrian Big Band, Thelabel, distributionCD
1994We Love Country MusicSmoky River Bandlabel, distributionCD, MC
1992Bruckner´s ZweitbesteBruckner's Unlimitedlabel, produced byCD
1991Mozart im Big Band SoundKirchner, Franz Big Bandproduced by, labelCD
1990Bruckner´s BesteBruckner's Unlimitedlabel12INCH33
1989Island Of HopeBogdanlabelCD
1989Picnic Suite And Suite For Recorder And Jazz PianoAnonimusdistribution, labelCD
1989Island Of HopeBogdandistribution, labelLP
1989Father And SonJosel, Rudi und Peterdistribution, labelCD
1988Proud And Strong / Standing On RockU8distribution, label07INCH45
1988Patos de MinasCarin Cosa Latin Banddistribution, labelLP
1988Patos De MinasCarin Cosa Latin BandlabelCD
1988BassonicHelicopters (Schönleitner, Helmut & Helicopters)label12INCH33
1987Christan M. SeitelbergerCocbitlabel12INCH33
1987Le MetroCamorralabel, distribution12INCH33
-4 Wheel Drivev.a.label

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Wir sind ÜbersehhändlerFilm, Sound & Media10/19-okt 2019

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