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year title artist mentioned for format
1980You Are A Song / Let Me Hear This SongBrem, MartylabelSI
1980Du bist MusikBlue Danubelabel07INCH45
1979Do What You Do / High Up In The SkyBrem, MartylabelSI
1978On The Road / UnisonoFezlabelSI
1978Kumm Bäck Home / I wüll mehrBäer, UllilabelSI
1970Mist of Silence / Monaco-A Piece of SkyC-Departmentdistribution, label07INCH45
-White Flames / Happy DayCharles Ryders Corporation,Thelabel, distribution07INCH45
-Six Ravens Must In The Tower Stay / I Remember The BluesCharles Ryders Corporation,Thedistribution, label07INCH45