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Moers Music


year title artist mentioned for format
1988Two Little AnimalsVienna Art Orchestradistribution, labelCD
1987Swiss SwingVienna Art Choirdistribution, labelCD
1987Inside OutVienna Art Orchestradistribution, labelCD-2
1986No. 1Pat Brothers, Thelabel12INCH33
1986Nightride of A Lonely Saxophoneplayer, Vol. 1Vienna Art Orchestradistribution, labelCD-2
1986Nightride of A Lonely Saxophoneplayer, Vol. 2Vienna Art Orchestralabel, distribution
1986SerapionsmusicVienna Art Speciallabel, distribution12INCH33
1985Five Old SongsVienna Art Choirlabel, distributionCD
1983From No Art To Mo-(z)-ArtVienna Art Choirdistribution, labelCD