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Angela Tröndle & Mosaik: - Eleven Electric Elephants

Angela Tröndle & Mosaik


Eleven Electric Elephants - Cracked An Egg Records

Text: Noël Akchoté | 12.07.2010
Clap Hands: The album opens with a »choral« of hands doing the famous Bulgarian Voices basic rhythm, then a grand piano comes laying some deep chords à la Keith Jarrett »Windup« quartet before Tröndle starts to sing the theme with onomathopy. It's seriously made and played, though hard yet to tell where it's all going. »Jazz in 2010« is a lost spaceship for me, mostly. Of course, one can't help it, she soon starts to vocalise some solo with the usual »tweeta, doowa, pada«, boom. I don't know anymore: not Lauren Newton, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Annette Peacock nor Mimi Perrin (les Double Six). The rest of the album is all five stars in many terms, amazing sting quartet, fantastic recording and sound, all high-skills played, travelling through many influences (Euro Jazz, World, Modern Composition, other traditions and memories). Maybe, somewhere, it feels like to certain and a little to self-liking.

Text: Noël Akchoté | 12.07.2010

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