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Reinhard Micko

plays in

band instruments from to note
Erich Quartettkey., p.---
Bachner, Robert Quintet----
Valentin, Joekey., Piano---
Zwiefoch +p.2004--
Micko, Reinhard Triop.---
Paiva, Fernando Quartettp.1998--
Capella Con Durezzaacc. guit.---
Pan Tau-XPiano---
Sabina Hank OrchestraPiano---
Schwarz, GinaPiano---
Muthspiel, Christian & Motley Mothertongue Muthspiel & MuthspielPiano---
Mara, Célia & FriendsPiano---
Pflüger, Barbara & TrioPiano---
Micko, Reinhard QuartetPiano---
Mara, Célia Potencia Xkey.1997--

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band description
Micko, Reinhard Trioprivat


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Viewsmastered by--
Coming Homemastered by--
Life & Soularrangementbei Track 6-
Viewsproduced by--
Coming Homemixed by--
Viewsmixed by--
Coming Homeproduced by--
SoulOrganismStateguestmusicianacoustic piano on "Every bird is wishing" and "Willoweep"-