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Markus «Marc Definga» Kastner


vormals "The Finger"

plays in

band instruments from to note
Betty S & The Fonkvibratorsvoc., key., acc. guit., mouth harp2001--
Honky Tonk Monksvoc., key., acc. guit., mouth harp2002--
Wize Wizard Markestra, Thevoc., key., acc. guit., mouth harp2004--
C. P. Grun & K. Sramekp.---
Kastner & SchacherPiano, voc.1992--
Squared Leaves, Thevoc., guit., key., acc.19821996-
Jilli's houseguit., voc., key., acc. guit.19992001-
Fred Curse & The Howling Bastardseb., acc. guit., Saz, Marimba20012003-
Lala Brooks & FriendsPiano19961998-


release mentioned for comments  
The Squared Leaves proudly presentarrangement--
The Squared Leaves proudly presentartworkCollage-