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Michael Danner

plays in

band instruments from to note
Trio Exklusiv-1999-Spitzentechnik & Supersound


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Kampf die Kraftproduced by--
Sympathy For The Devil EPmastered by--
As Happy as I Canmastered by--
The Hundredmastered by--
Poems. Contradictionsmastered by--
We Love You Toomastered by--
Troublemastered by--
Plexus Solaire + Best Of 2003-2010mastered by--
Blowmastered by--
Trust Me Fuckersmastered by--
Destroyed but Not Defeatedmastered by--
Waste Your Timemastered by--
Gospelmastered by--
Instant Asiamastered by--
Elephant Terriblemastered by--
Solitudemastered byTrack 2-
To The Fallenmastered by--
Exilmastered by--