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Bernd Kofler


add. bands: Regenbogen (Schlager) & Phil Brooks (Jazz, USA), Carl Peyer, Ingrid & die Steirerboys, Horst Chmela and many more! musical-projects: Elisabeth, Mozart, Les Miserables, Grease.

plays in

band instruments from to note
Wildbacher, Dievoc., guit.1998--
Coconutsvoc., guit., eb., key.---
Espritvoc., guit.---
Express 2000voc., guit.---
Big Band Trofaiachguit.--guest-musician
No Mercyguit.---
Johnny Suede Bandeb.---
Fates Runvoc., guit.19811985-
Touch Downchoir, guit.19981999-
Sliding Timevoc., guit., key.19861990-
Starlight Expressvoc., guit., eb.19901991-
Griffens Bestvoc., guit.19911991-
Sessionvoc., guit.19911993-
White Horsevoc., guit.19931994-
Freiensteiner Musikganovenvoc., eb.19992001-
Project 2000guit., voc.19851986-
Have No Mercyguit.19962000-
These Daysguit.19981999-
Celentano, Luisaguit.20002000-
Mr. Xguit.19982001-


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Perfect Attitudeguestmusiciangit-