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Arno «Briggman» Wagenhofer

plays in

band instruments from to note
Cash & Powdervoc.---
Trashbeatz, Thekey., samples, eb.---
Urban Tripvoc., guit., eb., dr., synth.19982004Komposition
Plastotypevoc., perc., eb., synth.20062011Komposition

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band description
Cash & Powder-
Urban Trip-


release mentioned for comments  
Back in the Dazemastered by--
Lost In Spaceproduced by--
When I´m Thereproduced by--
Back in the Dazemixed by--
Puppets Wanna Dancemastered by--
When I´m Thereguestmusiciandrum loops, background vocals, synth on track 2 & 5-
Mildenburg 11guestmusicianBacking Vocals-


company function
Scream RecordsBoss