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Thomas Ranosz

plays in

band instruments from to note
Sharp Hondovoc., guit.---
Diamond Skullvoc., guit., key.2016--


release mentioned for comments  
Electricity / Sorrymastered by--
Sleeplessmixed by--
Black Mountainproduced by--
Black Mountainmastered by--
Black Mountainmixed by--
Sun Of All Sunsmastered by--
Vestamastered by--
Vestamixed by--
Soup, Sweet and Sour¿ / ¿No One´s Hereproduced by--
Sleeplessproduced by--
Sleeplessmastered by--
Animalmixed by--
Naplava / Manic Youth Splitproduced by--
The Dark Speech of the Moon ¿/ ¿Bloodsuckermastered by--
Luke Lambheartproduced by--
The Tollproduced by--
Floodproduced by--
Floodmastered by--
Floodmixed by--
FloodRecorded By--
Unleashedproduced by--
Unleashedmastered by--
Unleashedmixed by--
Lass Uns Realitätco-produced--

press items

Medium Artikel/Art Datum


Film, Sound & Media
Issue: Februar, Seite 8
Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2016
Feb 2016