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Christian Sundl

plays in

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Lady Lynchdr.---
Black Fox Tropikal----
Black Fox Dance----


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Dust Covered Carpet / Telly Is The Tubeproduced byrecorded by; B1, B3, B7, B9-
Farragomixed by--
What, Colour?produced by--
What, Colour?mixed by--
Judy, You're Not Yourself Tonightproduced by--
I go Surfingproduced by--
I go Surfingmixed by--
The New Ones? / National Eaglesproduced by--
The New Ones? / National Eaglesmixed by--
Escape from Viennaproduced by--
Farragoproduced by--
Voodoo Jürgens singt Goldsoundzproduced byVocals-
Aivery play Ramones / Robotra play Bowieproduced by--
Aivery play Ramones / Robotra play Bowiemixed by--
Aivery EPproduced by--
Aivery EPmixed by--
Fettkakao Sampler 2014produced by1, 2, 9,-
Cry Babyproduced by--
Aivery play Ramones / Robotra play BowieartworkAivery-Versionen-
Rationale Arbeitsschritteco-producedAssistan Engineer-

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Falter - Woche
Issue: 02/10, Seite 53
Neue, seltsame Steiermark
Jan 2010


Falter Special / Beilagen
Issue: 44/06, Seite 10
Ein dreckiger Goldschal
03. Nov 2006