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Christoph Amann



plays in

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Big Sipeb.---
Pirates, Theeb.19911992-


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For A Better Heartbeat (Or Two)mastered by--
For A Better Heartbeat (Or Two)mixed by--
The Philadelphy Experiencemastered by--
Welcome TouristRecorded By--
Klothomastered by--
The Humbucking Coilmixed by--
The Humbucking CoilRecorded By--
Melancholie / Sendestraßemastered by--
Takeshi Expressproduced by--
Orhcideemastered by--
Orhcideemixed by--
Franz Hautzinger's Oriental Spacearrangement--
Another Illusionproduced by--
Another Illusionmastered by--
Sinsweetimeproduced by--
Sinsweetimemastered by--
Gomberg II - Profilemastered by--
Gomberg II - Profilemixed by--
Walzer oder nichtmastered by--
Walzer oder nichtmixed by--
Die Eterniasproduced by--
Die Eterniasmastered by--
Die Eterniasmixed by--
Mmastered by--
I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yetproduced by--
I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yetmastered by--
I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yetmixed by--
So!produced by--
Da!produced by--
Dafeldecker / Kurzmann / Fennesz / O'Rourke / Drumm / Siewertmastered by--
Dehypnotisationmastered by--
UDO77 - Das Musical von monochrommastered by--
Schlundproduced by--
Schlundmastered by--
Schlundmixed by--
The Air Betweenmastered by--
Absinthproduced by--
Medusa's Bedmastered by--
That's All Daisy Needsmastered by--
De-Escalationproduced by--
De-Escalationmastered by--
De-Escalationmixed by--
Till My Breath Gives Outproduced by--
Till My Breath Gives Outmastered by--
Till My Breath Gives Outmixed by--
Konferenz der Armseeligkeitproduced by--
Konferenz der Armseeligkeitmastered by--
Konferenz der Armseeligkeitmixed by--
Environment Information Operaproduced by--
Environment Information Operamastered by--
Environment Information Operamixed by--
Kabelbrand - Sounds from the Max Brand Synthesizermastered by--
Spacetrashproduced by--
Spacetrashmastered by--
Radian Verses Howe Gelbproduced by--
Kontextmastered by--
Pinxmastered by--
Pinxmixed by--
Short Legs & Wide Stanceproduced by--
Short Legs & Wide Stancemastered by--
Short Legs & Wide Stancemixed by--
Au'i-O'iproduced by--
Watussimastered by--
Watussimixed by--
Before The Codeproduced by--
Before The Codemastered by--
Before The Codemixed by--
Cherchez La Femmeproduced by--
Cherchez La Femmemastered by--
Cherchez La Femmemixed by--
Oficina Artmastered by--
Weltallendemastered by--
Weltallendemixed by--
Stars On The GPS Skyproduced by--
Vistagmixed by--
Voyage Voyagemastered bytrack 1 & 3-
Wondermastered by--
Cynthiamastered by--
Circular Mood Scale (Music for Franz West)mixed by--
fraufeld vol.2produced by--
Spinmixed by--
Here Comes The Sunmastered by--
Here Comes The Sunmixed by--
Here Comes The SunRecorded By--
TH_XRecorded By--
For M / Mikro_Kosmosmastered byCD2-
Frisky He Saidproduced by--
Frisky He Saidmixed by--
Frisky He SaidRecorded By--


company function
Amann Studios-

press items

Medium Artikel/Art Datum


Issue: 66, Seite 13
Monday Improvisers Sessions @ Celeste
Mai 2016


Falter - Zeitschrift
Issue: 09/09, Seite 24-27
Ein Kind von Traurigkeit
25. Feb 2009
Issue: 23, Seite 18
Fennesz: Black Sea
Feb 2009


Tschin Bumm
Issue: 19, Seite 32/33
Austria Rockfestival
Mai 1984
Tschin Bumm
Issue: 18, Seite 56
Austria Rockfestival so gross wie nie zuvor!
Apr 1984