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Phillip Forthuber

plays in

band instruments from to note
Crystal Soda Creamguit., voc.Jan 2010--
Beach Girls and the Monsterguit.2012--


release mentioned for comments  
Escape from Viennaproduced by--
World Pissmixed by--
Escape from Viennamixed by--
What, Colour?mastered by--
I go Surfingproduced by--
I go Surfingmastered by--
I go Surfingmixed by--
Aivery EPproduced by--
Aivery EPmixed by--
Fettkakao Sampler 2014produced by1-
Pale Noiseproduced by--
Black Fjordsproduced by--
Levieproduced by--
Leviemastered by--
Leviemixed by--
Escape from Viennamastered by--
Good Copmastered by--
Good Copmixed by--
Expectationsproduced by--
Expectationsmastered by--
Expectationsmixed by--
World Pissproduced by--
Gran Bankrottco-producedGuitars, Bass recording-

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TBA - Die Musikzeitung
Issue: 11/11, Seite 26
On Breaking A Habit
Nov 2011


TBA - Die Musikzeitung
Issue: 07/2010, Seite 36
Steaming Satellites - The Moustache Mozart Affaire
Jul 2010