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Harald Mörth

plays in

band instruments from to note
Kings And Slavessynth., dr., key.---
Son Griot feat. The More Or The Lessprogramming, arrangeur---
Harald Mörth----


release mentioned for comments  
Back To The Startmixed by--
Cryptobiosisproduced byrecorded and mixed by-
Cryptobiosismastered by--
Straßenmusikantproduced by--
Lebendig Begrabenproduced by--
Footprintsmixed by--
EvermoreRecorded By--
Back To The StartRecorded By--
Brainwashedproduced by--
Brainwashedmixed by--
Evermoremastered by--
Evermoremixed by--
Keep Calmco-produced--


company function
Late Hour Music Late Hour RecordsCEO / senior producer