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Wolfgang Killian

plays in

band instruments from to note
Maass, Stephanguit.---
Schuh, Matguit.---


release mentioned for comments  
Say A Wordremix--
Forever In LoveguestmusicianLeadguitar-
Volle Kraftguestmusiciangit-
Wanna Make Love To Youguestmusicianguitars-
Rock Da Partyguestmusicianguitars-
GossipguestmusicianGuitar Track 3,4-
Strings of tensionguestmusician--
Glamorous LifeguestmusicianGitarre (12)-
El Amor, La Vidaguestmusicianguitar-
1,2,3 (You´re Fooling Me)guestmusicianBackground Vocals-
Don´t Wanna Beguestmusiciangit-
My DefinitionguestmusicianGit. on Track 1, 2, 6, 9-
Nie wieder Kunst (wie immer...)guestmusicianGitarre bei Track Nr.16-
Around The WorldguestmusicianGuitar (10,12)-