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Christian Deix

plays in

band instruments from to note
Espressovoc., choir---
Woodhams, Yitkavoc., acc., perc.---
Deix, Manfred & The Good Vibrations Bandguit., choir, Tamburin---
Chicochoir, perc., acc.---
Werger, Stefaniechoir, acc. guit.---


release mentioned for comments  
Musik aus Amerigaproduced by--
It's Crazy But I DoguestmusicianStimme-
Simo tamo / Hinundherguestmusicianbackground vocals-
Starmania Die Neue Generation: Best of Finals & DuetsguestmusicianBacking Vocals-
Verdammt wir leben nochguestmusicianStimme-
Everybody Needs A FriendguestmusicianChor-
Tomorrow´s Heroesguestmusicianbackground vocals-
Zweite Chanceguestmusicianbackground vocals track 2-
Mann und FrauguestmusicianBackground Vocals-
Manchmal für immerguestmusicianChor-