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Are You Experienced  

Are You Experienced




Tracks 2-12 to 2-14 are enhanced videos.


year of publication



CD-2 2006 02:13:31 -


Format Archivplatz
CD-2 K05R02


track no. length title text/music MT  
1/0100:05:28Heights Of Panranoia feat. CAMELPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/0200:05:31The MessagePaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/0300:05:30Everything Is GoPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/0400:05:26Love Can Grow feat.NOA MOREPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/0500:07:16Angels Fly feat. NOA MOREPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/0600:06:35The Rhythm feat. GRZOPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/0700:05:40Senses Of A Woman feat. GUDRUNPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/0800:05:12Island Girl Dub feat. ARIUPArianne Foster aka Ari Up / Paul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/0900:07:23Dub At Hurricane HotelPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/1000:05:39Summerrain feat. GUDRUNPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/1100:07:02Heights Of Paranoia - Meet U@Dust Hangar 7 DubPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
1/1200:01:38Star Spangled DubPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/0100:06:34Streets Of DUB - Anxiety RMXPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/0200:07:03Heavy Heavy Monster Dub - DREADZONE RMX instrumentalPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/0300:06:12Preemtive Dub - 7 DUb vs. SLY&ROBIIE RMX feat BURLE&AMINATAPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/0400:05:05Greetings From Evil Empire - SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND RMXPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/0500:04:59Heay Heavy Monster Dub - MANASSEH RMX instrumentalPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/0600:05:26Return From Planet Egalica - FREEDOM SATELLITE RMXPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/0700:05:58Return From Planet Egalica - SUPERLISTENERS DUBPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/0800:04:19Dub Is The Roots feat. MIKEY DREAD-MAD PROFESSOR DUBMikey Dread.
2/0900:06:40Playertheater - BUN DEM DUBPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/1000:07:39Terrorists & Inhalers - KEITH LE BLANC RMXPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.
2/1100:08:16Heavy Heavy Monster Dub - DUBBLESTANDART vs SLY&ROBBIE RMXPaul Zasky & Robbie Ost.


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produced byRobert "Robbie Ost" Osterberger-
produced byPaul "Paul Zasky" Zawilensky-
artworkTenmetal Design-