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Ronnie Urini Rocket Iraschek Superstar  

Ronnie Urini Rocket Iraschek Superstar


Ronnie Rocket Superstar
Ronnie Rocket & The Subcandies


CD-Box mit 2 Alben; 20th Century Hits - Ronnie Rocket Superstar/Fire Waves - Ronnie Rocket & The Subcandies


year of publication



CD-2 2011 01:56:29 -


Format Archivplatz
CD-2 K08R10
CD-2 K06R07


track no. length title text/music MT  
1-0100:01:54Mädchenschreck (1960) feat. Die letzten Poeten-.
1-0200:04:28The frozen Seas of Io (1962) feat. The Dharma Bums Insane-.
1-0300:03:48Niemand hilft mir (1968) feat. Die letzten Poeten-.
1-0400:03:15Alice in Wonderland (1966) feat. Chris Michael Mayer, Guitar-.
1-0500:03:16Summer Wine (1968) feat. Venus, Vocals-.
1-0600:03:44Aus den Kellern der Nacht (1970) feat. Die letzten Poeten-.
1-0700:05:24The Shiver (1972) feat. Leeza Vermeer, Vocals-.
1-0800:04:08Sail, Ship...(1974) feat. Kevin Ayers & Ollie Halsall, Guitars-.
1-0900:03:29Femme Fatale (1976) feat. Miles Davis, Trumpet-.
1-1000:02:27Wild Venus on Wheels (1978) feat. The Wild Bunch with Mars Bonfire-.
1-1100:04:541001 Nacht (1980) feat. The Mellotron of Robert Fripp-.
1-1200:06:34Child of Sunrise, Creature of the Moon (1982) feat. Nico, Harmonium-.
1-1300:04:15The Decade of Decay (1984) feat. Neil Young-.
1-1400:03:05Gang Bang Baby (1986) feat. The Dum Dum Boys-.
1-1500:03:12Endless Summer (1988) feat. Venus, Vocals-.
1-1600:03:46Born to be wild (1990) feat. Steppenwolf 2-.
1-1700:03:47Wine is liquid Love (1992) feat. Leeza Vermeer, Vocals-.
1-1800:03:23Konrad Bayer is dead (1996) feat. The Last Poets-.
1-1900:04:01The Third Man (1996) feat. Chrono Popp, Guitar-.
1-2000:03:46Bombshell from Hell (1998) feat. The Mirror-Shades-.
2-0100:02:51The Heroes are tired-.
2-0200:03:26Here comes the Rocket-.
2-0300:04:27Ain't no Rainbow-.
2-0400:05:04Out in the Street-.
2-0600:04:41Dead & Gone-.
2-0700:03:13Wild Venus on Wheels-.
2-0800:03:53Sonic Boom Drive-.
2-0900:04:12The long Good-bye-.
2-1100:04:16The Heroes are tired 2 (Hidden Track)-.


mentioned for person/company/band add. info
guestmusicianRonald "Ronnie Rocket/Ronnie Urini" Iraschek-
labelmonkey music-
distributionRough Trade Records-