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Triebwerk - 10th Anniversary  

Triebwerk - 10th Anniversary


Compilation zum zehnjährigen Bestehen des Wiener Neustädter Jugendzentrums "Triebwerk"; nichtösterreichische Bands: In-Sane (SLO), Antillectual (NL), And The Winner Is (D), Fabulous Disaster (USA), The Smackdown (S), The Turbo AC's (USA)


year of publication



CD 2006 01:12:18 -


Format Archivplatz
CD K07R05


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT  
0100:03:20FirebringerNo Head On My Shoulders-.
0200:02:23Good Night Sweet Heart7 Years Bad Luck 7yearsbadluck-.
0300:02:37Forgotten PoetryGPF General Protection Fault-.
0400:01:55The Halfway DeadPlague Mass, The-.
0500:03:05Don't Get Lost In The Rat RaceJ*A*N feat. U.D.S.S.R.-.
0600:02:18For Habits Of BitternessAstpai-.
0700:03:18Tear Out The GutsBloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space BZFOS-.
0800:02:20Boost The EconomyRedlightsflash RLF-.
0900:03:06Off Or OnDimitrij-.
1000:03:37I Need A NurseCretins, The-.
1100:00:23FelixConny Chaos & die Retortenkinder-.
1200:02:44The Curve Of MaliceUnforsaken-.
1400:03:17A Song About The Youth And Their FutureHalf Past Ten-.
1600:03:49Insincerely YoursCandy Beat Camp-.
1800:03:23With The Absence Of MindEphen Rian-.
1900:02:25Elfter SeptemberBakunins, The-.
2000:02:27Fantastische PfadeFamilie Ruppert-.
2100:02:59Some Lies Were Told The 12th/Some Fakes Are Done ShineSoey-.
2300:01:00War In The Shadows (Putin get Out)Rentokill-.
2400:02:32Street PussycatSkeptic Eleptic-.
2500:02:38Boys Don't CryBounz The BallThe Cure.
2800:03:01Trampled Down Pathways (Live)Guadalajara-.