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If Radios Spoke With Their Hearts  

If Radios Spoke With Their Hearts


Hidden by The Grapes


year of publication



12INCH33, CD 2012 - -


Format Archivplatz
12INCH33 LP-BS008


track no. length title text/music MT  
--Some Of You Will Go On-.
--Jagged Bones-.
--Fairmount City Walls-.
--Crash Test Dummies Don't Have Plans For The F... Crash Test Dummies Don't Have Plans For The Future-.
--Death To All The Ladybugs-.
--The New Will Fade, The Old Praised Forever-.
--In Bubbleguns-.
--Now That It's Gone It's OK-.


mentioned for person/company/band add. info
photosHannes Kumpusch-
produced byThomas Zwanzger-
produced byHidden by The Grapes-
mastered byMartin Siewert-
guestmusicianChristian Neumayerhorn auf track 2, 3, 7
guestmusicianEric Kurzhorn auf track 2, 3, 7
guestmusicianJohannes Hoyer, vonhorn auf track 2, 3, 7
guestmusicianIvan Bonacicalt sax auf track 9
guestmusicianChristina Lessiakadd. vox auf track 4, 8 & chor auf track 10
guestmusicianThomas Zwanzgeradd. drums auf track 10 und sherman auf track 1
guestmusicianTheresa Reumüllerchor auf track 10
guestmusicianPaige Baralijachor auf track 10
guestmusicianLisa Freidlchor auf track 10
guestmusicianMelanie Jammerbundchor auf track 10
artworkMote Scherr-
labelSooder Records-
labelPumpkin Records-