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Woolgathering Urban Antipodeans  

Woolgathering Urban Antipodeans




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CD 2008 - -


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--Five Levels-.
--Self Arranged Panopticisms-.
--Suppress Sweating-.
--He Who Paints The War-.
--Exhausted Color Rendering-.
--Zero At The Avant-Garde Matrice-.
--Wicked Devices-.
--Coming And Going-.
--Uncoupled From The Machines-.
--Pictorial Cipher-.
--Dark Halo Of Matter-.
--Set Path-.
--Nothing But A Dot-.
--It Confuses World-Conspiration-.
--People To Melt-.
--Even If It Hurts-.
--Postfordistic Romantic Moment-.
--New Antipodes-.
--What If-.
--Subversive Tendencies Sold At A Loss-.
--Stones And Chains-.
--Walking On Spoons-.
--I Shop Therefore I Am-.
--Quasi-Tabernacles On The Floor-.
--Famous Under The Skin-.
--Pretending Plasticity-.
--The How-To-Hack-Popular-Culture-Manual-.
--Saviour Without Coil-.
--Taboo Tunes Between The Streets-.
--Life Of Facts-.
--Zonning Resolution-.
--Fish To Fry-.
--Birth Sells-.
--Crawling Eye-.
--Your Third Eye-.
--Downloaded Confession-.
--Woolgathering The Acquisition Of Speech-.
--System Is Other People-.
--Oil In Oil-.
--If I Had A Name-.
--Dead-End Toughts-.
--Pain Spotting-.
--Yellow On The Yard-.
--Translated By Your Apathy-.
--Eyes Scan The Surveillance-.
--X-Ray Roots Up Your Shelter-.
--Urban Body Language-.
--Xenon Lamp-.
--A Marcusean In Structuralist Clothing-.
--Hallucinogen Enter The Shadows-.
--Kill-Time Structures Beneath The Room-.
--Societal Catheters-.
--Rearticulating Itself-.
--The Mechanics Of Love-.
--These Songs-.
--To Time Its Speed-.
--Cubistic Worldview-.
--Crutches And Crinolines-.
--Cat Without A Name-.
--Binary Reflection Of Yesterday-.
--Falling On A Propeller-.
--Green Room-.
--Certain Pieces-.
--Instructions Manual For Everyday Life-.
--Decontextualisation Is The Law-.
--Alive As A Whole-.
--Half Informed-.
--Immitation Of Information-.
--Itch (The Nostromo)-.
--Clone Under Lightning Sky-.
--Numb The Scene-.
--Fear Of Reading The Fear-List-.
--Pound Some Nonsense Into Them-.


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labelBurnside Records-
labelGrind Chucks Div.-