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Music From The Heart of Europe, Sounddesign, MIDEM Sampler 1994  

Music From The Heart of Europe, Sounddesign, MIDEM Sampler 1994


year of publication



CD 1994 01:17:04 10 163


Format Archivplatz
CD K01R03


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT  
0100:04:00Climb Any MountainAndianaA. Gabauer, D. Jirkuff/A. Gabauer.
0200:03:24Keep On WaitingAndianaA. Gabauer, D. Jirkuff/A. Gabauer.
0300:04:29Finally FreeEspressoMario Berger/Christian Deix.
0400:04:04How Can You StopEspressoMario Berger/Christian Deix.
0500:04:22Heaven Sent YouDomino Blue OneShelly Peiken/Steve Rimland.
0600:03:40Test Of LoveDomino Blue OneValerie Bloch/Steve Rimland.
0700:03:15Give Me The MusicHeyduk, DieterDieter Heyduk/Dieter Heyduk.
0800:03:55Just A Stranger In ParadiseHeyduk, DieterDieter Heyduk/Dieter Heyduk.
0900:04:32Unlimited Explosion2 ColorsColours/Colours.
1000:03:05Turn It On Again2 ColorsColours/Colours.
1100:03:40Don´t Count On MeHall Of FameWynton Rivers/Wynton Rivers.
1200:03:24Heartbreakin´WomanHall Of FameWynton Rivers/Wynton Rivers.
1300:03:30Milk And HoneyDeen, Lisa S.Lisa S. Deen/Lisa S. Deen.
1400:03:50Girls Are On The FireBig BlueLale/Kaitner, Karan.
1500:04:10Just For YouBig BlueLale/Kaitner, Karan.
1600:03:12Wiff Got ItWiffJ. D. Hanzhanz/Wiff.
1700:03:14No Way OutMichael T. S.Pock/Schröck, Pichler.
1800:03:10Love Is A DancerMichael T. S.Pock/Schröck, Pichler.
1900:02:02All Shook UpTy TenderPresley/Blackwell.
2000:02:22Only The LonelyTy TenderMelson/Orbison.
2100:03:12Dancin´ Not RomancinDetomasoThomas Mandel.
2200:02:32PrincessDetomasoThomas Mandel.


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labelPG Records-
distributionSounddesign Austria-