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20 Years In The Blues Jungle  

20 Years In The Blues Jungle


Mojo Blues Band


re-released 1999 by Musica


year of publication



CD 1997 01:09:24 7243 8 21314 2 7


Format Archivplatz
CD K01R07


track no. length title text/music MT  
0100:03:25Young Fashioned WaysW. Dixon, Hoochie Coochie Music.
0200:02:22In The Blues Jungle (instr.)E. Trauner, D. Gugolz, M. Toyfl, P. Müller.
0300:03:15Hound DogJ. Leiber/M. Stoller, Chappel Morris Ltd..
0400:04:45Louisiana TrainE. Trauner/E. Trauner.
0500:02:53Leaking Roof Boogie (instr.)Hannes Otahal.
0600:04:34Little GirlE. Trauner/E. Trauner, H. Otahal.
0700:05:00Signals of LoveJ. Reed/E. Abner, Tristan Music Ltd..
0800:03:21Bon Ton RouletC. Garlow, Jamil Music.
0900:02:50Strollin´ With Bone (instr.)V. Walker/E. Davis Jr., Travis Music Co. Bmi.
1000:03:51Love Is A Foolish ThingE. Trauner/Trauner, Gugolz, Toyfl, Müller.
1100:03:42Lucky Boy LionE. Trauner/E. Trauner, D. Gugolz, M. Toyfl, P. Müller.
1200:05:06Heed My WarningE. Trauner/Trauner, Gugolz, Toyfl, Otahal, Müller.
1300:03:03That´s The Way It´s Gotta BeE. Trauner/Trauner, Toyfl, Müller.
1400:03:50We´re Both To BlameE. Trauner/Trauner, Gugolz, Toyfl, Otahal, Müller.
1500:02:32Marack (instr.)Peter Chatman, Arc Music Corp., BMI.
1600:02:57Babe (I Gotta Let You Go)E. Trauner/Trauner, Gugolz, Toyfl.
1700:03:03Neighbors BluesE. Trauner/E. Trauner.
1800:06:04I´m On My Way Back HomeE. Trauner/E. Trauner.
1900:02:51Dive Bomber (Piano Solo)Kermit Holder, MCA Music Inc..


mentioned for person/company/band add. info
guestmusicianHenning Pertietpiano on tracks 2, 11, 17, 18
guestmusicianUrsula Niederbruckertrombone on track 16
guestmusicianHans Maitnerbackground vocal on track 16
labelEMI Austria Ges.m.b.H-
labelMusica Schallplatten Vertrieb GmbH-
distributionEMI Austria Ges.m.b.H-
distributionMusica Schallplatten Vertrieb GmbH-