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Rare & Hot - Jazz In Austria 1930-1950  

Rare & Hot - Jazz In Austria 1930-1950


year of publication



CD 1991 00:01:54 -


Format Archivplatz
CD K04R13


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT  
0100:02:35Nobody's SweetheartSax, Bobby Hot FiveKahn, Erdmann, Meyers, Schoebel.
0200:03:40Somebody Stole My GalSax, Bobby And His BandWood.
0300:03:40Old YazooSax, Bobby And His BandWaller.
0400:04:18Creole Love CallSax, Bobby And His BandEllington.
0500:03:41What A Perfect CombinationSax, Bobby And His OrchestraAkst.
0600:02:34Out For No GoodBob's Rhythm KingsUnknown.
0700:02:31Cocktail For TwoBob's Rhythm KingsCoslow.
0800:02:47Harte Nüsse - Take 1Landl, Ernst und sein OrchesterLandl.
0900:02:46Harte Nüsse - Take 2Landl, Ernst und sein OrchesterLandl.
1000:02:46How High The MoonRhythmische Sieben DieHamilton.
1100:02:52Trompeten BoogieRhythmische Sieben DiePrießnitz.
1200:02:43Song Of IndiaRhythmische Sieben DieRimsky-Korsakow, Dorsey.
1300:03:01Leave Us LeapRhythmische Sieben DieFinckel.
1400:03:33Lover ManTrumpet Young und sein NegerorchesterRamirez, Davis.
1500:02:47Tea For TwoTrumpet Young und sein NegerorchesterYoumans.
1600:03:04Oop Bop a DaTrumpet Young und sein NegerorchesterGillespie.
1700:02:46Flying HomeTrumpet Young und sein NegerorchesterGoodman, Hampton.
1800:03:03In My SolitudeTrumpet Young und sein NegerorchesterEllington.
1900:02:54Huckle BuckTrumpet Young und sein NegerorchesterWilliams.
2000:02:53Floogies IdeaTrumpet Young und sein NegerorchesterYoung.


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produced byKlaus Schulz-
photosKlaus Schulz-
artworkJohanna Graf-