Trust Records


Österreichisches Electro Label mit heißem Draht nach Detroit, New York sowie Deutschland, England, ... (est. 1998) Releases internationaler Produzenten: TRUST26; TRUST27; TRUST30; TRUST33; TRUST34; TRUST36; TRUST37


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Georg «DJ Glow» Lauteren CEO


year title artists mentioned for format
2020 TRUST XX - Silver Future /DL/MS/, DJ Glow, Epy, Lok44, Microthol, Mstep, Ph03, Populist label digital
2020 44problems EP Lok44 label 12INCH33
2019 Transmissions Microthol label 12INCH33
2018 Exit Ghost /DL/MS/ label 12INCH33
2018 Psychometric Profiling Populist label 12INCH33
2017 recur tsx label digital
2017 Cold Dust Mstep label 12INCH33
2017 Rogue Intent /DL/MS/ label 12INCH33
2016 Bous Lok44 label 12INCH33
2015 Trust XV-III Epy x Micromega label 12INCH33
2013 Microkosmos (Anniversary Edition) Microthol label digital
2012 Eptify Epy label MP3
2012 Information System vc-118a label 12INCH33
2012 Semi-Automatic Clatterbox label 12INCH33, MP3
2011 Misinformation Campaign Stingray313 copyright 12INCH33
2011 Supergravity Microthol label 12INCH45
2009 Binary Systems Microthol label 12INCH33
2009 Social Engineering Urban Tribe label 12INCH33
2008 Bleak Leisure Biepang label 12INCH33, digitalMP3
2007 Microkosmos Remixed 12" Microthol label 12INCH45
2007 Bio Electronics Urban Tribe label 12INCH45
2007 Storm Drain Clatterbox label 12INCH45
2007 Radio Earth Pulsinger, Patrick & Glow, DJ label 12INCH45
2006 Microkosmos Microthol label 12INCH33-2, CD
2006 Affluenza Epy label 12INCH33
2005 Heliosphere Microthol distribution CD
2005 Wise To The System DJ Glow label 12INCH33
2005 Zentrum Epy label 12INCH45
2004 Derailed Lok44 label 12INCH33
2004 Staub Microthol label 12INCH33
2003 Ghetto Of The Mind Lok44 label 12INCH33
2003 Wireheads Microthol vs. Dj Glow label 12INCH33
2002 On//Off music:: Electro Developers Conference Dan Lodig, DJ Glow, Epy label 10INCH45
1999 Neuropean J/V/N Machine label 12INCH33
1998 Super Earth Invasion DJ Glow label MX

Press Items

article medium issue page date type
Techno Like It's 1992 The Gap 96/09 47-51 Mai 2009 FOTOSTORY
Virtueller Plattenladen TBA - Die Musikzeitung 05/2008 18 Jun 2008 KURZMELDUNG
Digitaler Plattenladen The Gap 85/08 16 Apr 2008 INTERVIEW
Neues Downloadportal für elektronische Musik null 16 19 2008 KURZMELDUNG
DJ Glow Skug 66/06 21 Mar 2006 ARTIKEL
Editorial Skug 66/06 3 Mar 2006 ARTIKEL
Maschinelle Emotionen null 9 24 2006 ARTIKEL
DJ Glow: Wise To The Wisdom The Gap 64/05 80 Dez 2005 PLATTENKRITIK


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