Banyan Records


Tiroler Psytrance Label (est. 2011); Releases internationaler Interpreten: BANDIGI007; BANDIGI008; BANDIG009; BANDIG010; BANDIG013; BANDIG014; Ban006


name function
Manu «Senang» Prantl co-founder
«Asmodis» co-founder


year title artists mentioned for format
2021 The Voice of the Galaxy Senang label digital
2019 Organic Banyan Chudl & NoCult, Dohm Senang label digital
2019 Forest Of Banyan III Charudl, Muscaria & Isometric, Praheya, Silly Twit, Tiefenrausch label digital
2019 Tanngrisnier and Tanngnjostr II Malice In Wonderland label -
2019 Audio Afterglow Aegolius & Malice In Wonderland label digital
2018 Something I Made Up Chudl, Chudl & NoCult label digital
2018 Dawn Of The Golden Age Praheya label digital
2018 Tanngrisnir And Tanngnjostr Senang, Signal2Noise Ratio label CD
2017 Tales From The Process Praheya, Third Eye Of Monkey & Praheya label digital
2017 Digital Perception Chudl & Third Eye Of Monkey label digital
2017 Arborum Susurri Chudl & Vermo Truo, Praheya, Senang label CD
2016 Sangye Menla Praheya label CD
2016 Galactic Human Praheya, Synergy & Praheya label digital
2015 Akshaya Tritiya Muscaria & Oran Mor, Praheya, Senang label digital
2015 Liquid (R)evolution Muscaria label CD
2014 Forest of Banyan II Malice In Wonderland & Looney, Muscaria, Muscaria & Praheya, Praheya label CD
2014 Shamanic Visions Of The Banyan Forest Praheya, Psypien, Senang, Silly Twit vs MDZ label digital
2014 Back Home To Source Muscaria & Praheya, Praheya, Praheya & Silly Twit label CD-R
2013 Liquid Evolution Muscaria, Muscaria & Spectralis label digital
2012 Shiv Shaktiva Babaroga, Dark Whisper & Silly Twit, Muscaria, Sequin label digital
2012 Forest Of Banyan Dark Whisper vs Sequin, Mad Maniacs, Malice In Wonderland, Praheya label CD
2012 In A World Full Of Madness Silly Twit label digital
2012 Crossing The Rainbow Bridge Praheya label digital


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