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Alois Perr Finanzen, Administration
Andreas «Haschi» Hasch Promotion
Peter Brandstetter Promotion
Harald Greindl Verkauf


year title artists mentioned for format
2006 Things To Remember/Ways To Forget Base, The label CD-2
2006 From the get go Jellybeat distribution CD
2006 dekor - bewegt! deKor distribution CD
2005 A Night At Grand Guignol Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space distribution -
2005 Future Farmers Future Farmers label -
2005 Inside Out Wallisch, Thomas & Oli Bott Duo distribution CD
2004 Absender auf Achse Garish distribution CD
2004 Liebst du noch Juci distribution CD
2004 Lüge Immer Houseverstand distribution CD
2004 Alles ist Pop Falschen Freunde, Die distribution CD
2004 Scharf Hermann, Lydia distribution CD
2004 Deep Down Low Laine label CD
2004 3rd Strike 3 Feet Smaller distribution CD
2004 Odem Plasticube distribution CD
2003 Flimmern Lichtenberg distribution CD
2003 Change Everything Curbs distribution CD
2003 Mit Herz und Seele Rucki Zucki Palmencombo distribution CD
2003 Especially Tonight - Live Hot Pants Road Club, The distribution CD
2003 Live In Mexico Heinz aus Wien distribution CD
2003 Ex-Mas Songs 3 Feet Smaller, 99, Alkbottle, Chicken on Broadway, Curbs, DC-Allstar Band, Dynamo99, FNL, Industry, Die, Iris T. & The Billy Rubin Trio, O5, The, Seesaw, The, Side Effect, sPout, Toxic Insanity, Velo, wa:rum distribution CD
2003 Tageslicht Juci distribution CD
2003 Pictures Facelift distribution CD
2003 La Madrugada Banda Pacheco distribution CD
2003 King of loneliness Side Effect distribution CD
2003 Summer sellout Side Effect distribution CD
2003 Summer sellout (single) Side Effect distribution CD
2003 Alles ist Pop Falschen Freunde, Die distribution CD
2003 Seeds Of A Future Bizarre Legacy of Hate distribution CD
2003 Chemistry Zeebee distribution CD
2002 Streets of Dub Dubblestandart distribution CD
2002 Is It Is Or Is It Ain´t Iris T. & The Billy Rubin Trio distribution CD
2002 Wo die Nacht erzählt vom Tag Garish distribution CD
2002 Your.Diary wa:rum distribution CD
2002 Basta, Kamarillaz! Houseverstand distribution CD
2002 Insert Album Title Here:............ 3 Feet Smaller distribution CD
2002 The Ultimate Love Connection (T.U.L.C) sPout distribution CD
2002 After Sunset Seesaw, The distribution CD
2002 Dump Dump distribution CD
2002 Blind Date Pride & Shame distribution CD
2001 Judgement L´Ame Immortelle distribution CD
2001 Baby Baby (komm zu mir nach Wien) Houseverstand distribution CD
2001 1982 Dump distribution CD
2001 Venus In Transit Koglmann, Franz distribution CD
2001 Only Tonight Louie Austen distribution CD
2001 To Touch A Distant Soul Oskar Aichinger distribution CD
2001 King Size Dub Chapter Seven Dubblestandart, Tosca, Walkner.Möstl distribution CD
2001 Photos 01 Binder distribution CD
2001 Damn, We Need A Title For This Record 3 Feet Smaller distribution CD
2000 An Affair With Strauss Koglmann, Franz distribution CD
2000 Datacard Platzgumer, Hans distribution CD
2000 Automobile Sen Lotus distribution CD
1999 L´oops Puntigam, Werner & Gert-Jan Prins distribution CD
1999 Liberal Bullshit Shinto distribution CD
1999 Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie Drewo, Carl Meets Francy Boland distribution CD
1999 Great Norwegian Explorers Cube & Sphère distribution CD, LP-2
1999 Elements of Poetry Oskar Aichinger distribution CD
1998 Fingerfood Platzgumer, Hans & Divinites Irritées distribution CD
1998 Elevator Duca, Curd distribution CD
1998 Bigbossanovapop Norma Jean distribution CD
1997 Done Monochrome Bleu distribution CD
1997 What! Tuskulum distribution CD
1997 Sharing The Sunhat Brokesch, Susanne distribution CD
1997 Der Seperator Platzgumer, Hans distribution CD
1997 Es kommt anders Rare'n'Tasty distribution CD
1997 Pull Over Shy distribution CD
1996 Girl On The Phone Seesaw, The distribution CD
1996 Still Alive And In Stereo Rare'n'Tasty distribution CD
1995 Out of Order Out Of Order distribution CD
1995 Danke Danke label CD
1995 Resonance O+A / Sam Auinger & Bruce Odland distribution CD
1995 Crazy World Foggy Dew distribution CD
1995 Unwesen Parasites, The distribution CD
1995 Shy retten die Welt Shy distribution CD
1995 Purple Haze Voya Bee distribution CD
1994 Living On The Edge Hip Hop Finger distribution CD
1994 House Rent Party - Blues live Blues Frizz, Juke Joint Blues Band, Polland Blues Band distribution CD
1994 Rudy Walks The Jungle RUDY distribution CD
1994 6 Chansons Jacques Brel Massacre, Le distribution CD
1994 Boiler Live Pool - Summerline Aftertouch, Bomb Circle, Cold World, Kold-U-Shok, M.G. Firebug, Maz Paniac, Mein Hirn, Nar Malik, Non Serviam, Picture Framed, Scrooge, Snakkerdu Densk, Those Who Survived The Plague, Tom´s Lesion, Trelkovsky distribution CD
1994 Himmelsstürmer Shy distribution CD
1994 Better Elvis Monochrome Bleu distribution CD
1994 Eintragung ins Kursbuch SCHLAUCH distribution CD
1994 Perfect Sensation PH Value distribution CD
1994 Food On Wheels - Live At Posthof Food On Wheels distribution CD
1994 OEL Oel distribution CD
1994 Beat The Meat Pearls For Pigs distribution CD
1994 Das Tier in mir - Live Schrempf, Luky distribution CD
1994 Step By Step, Volume 3 SCHLAUCH, Shunt distribution CD
1994 Schwester Schwester distribution CD
1994 Vögel, Fische & Engel Ex Machina distribution CD
1993 LachsErsatz Anus D, Anus D + Reisinger, kriso L solo, Reisinger, Wolfgang, Reiter, Josef, Wallner, Martin solo, Wallner H. / Klammer R. distribution CD
1993 Threeo Threeo distribution CD
1993 Ear 2 Ear 2 Face 2 distribution CD
1993 Pyromaniax FocusPocus distribution CD
1993 Catfood Monochrome Bleu distribution CD-MINI-3
1993 The Answers Schuller Trio, Geri label CD
1993 Boundaries Hip Hop Finger distribution MX
1993 Come Into My Biomechanical Love Boat Wipeout distribution CD
1993 Fear Stand To Fall distribution CD
1993 In Space And Time Passengers, The distribution CD
1993 Don't Argue Any Longer Seven Sioux distribution 10INCH45
1993 Fuckhead Live At Posthof Fuckhead distribution CD
1992 Sub Hop Hip Hop Finger distribution CD
1992 Dichtmachen Ex Machina, Freeman, Groove, Jacques Brel Massacre, Le, Klassenordner, Kurort, Nothing New, Sexual Spastics, Shy, Steeltown Corruption, Tom´s Lesion, Tomboyz, Wipeout distribution CD
1992 Brand Maische distribution CD, 12INCH33
1992 Les fleurs du Mal Fleurs du mal, Les distribution CD
1991 Luky light Schrempf, Luky Band label CD
1990 Hit The Road Again City Blues Band, The label CD
1990 Cinemascope sOUndsO distribution 12INCH33, MC
1990 Maz Paniac Maz Paniac distribution 12INCH33
1990 Salvation Factory Billion Bob And The Harrycans distribution 12INCH33
1989 Nie wieder sechzehn Schrempf, Luky Band distribution CD
1989 DDSG - Elf Miniaturen für Klavier Androsch - Kerbl spielt Androsch distribution CD
1989 Vaseline Clouds Over Chrysler distribution 12INCH33
1989 Nie wieder sechzehn Schrempf, Luky Band label 12INCH33
1989 Once In A Month Of Sundays Bomb Circle distribution 12INCH33
1989 Lola / Der Anfang vom Ende Schrempf, Luky Band label 07INCH45
1987 Her mit dem Computer Schrempf, Luky Band distribution 12INCH33
1981 Wahnsinn / Träumer De Ha (Desert Harvest) label 07INCH45
1981 Schwarz oder rosa De Ha (Desert Harvest) distribution 12INCH33
- Draussen fischt im Eis Garish distribution 12INCH33
- Kubadub Dancehall B-Funk-Family, Cheesevibes, Dancehall Steppaz, Disasta, MC, Dread feat. Coleman, El Condorsito, Ibk Tribe, Iriepathie, Mono, Monomania, Raggamaffia, Rikitik feat. das Gnu, Thai Stylee feat. Raggamaffia distribution CD
- Sick Song sPout distribution CD

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Neue Platten Falter - Zeitschrift 42/93 22 Okt 1993 PLATTENKRITIK

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