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Peter Guschelbauer owner
Sibylle Roithner -


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2017 Next Page Karlheinz Miklin & Jazz Orchester Steiermark distribution CD
2016 Altre Storie Duo Vakkordeonioline distribution CD
2016 Pay 8 Get 10! Pinter, Alex Quintet distribution CD
2016 Sweet Desert Trio Akk:zent distribution CD
2015 Improvokation Dinovski-Schuberth label CD
2015 Springlink Heginger/Herbert/Cech distribution CD
2013 Laubwald Modern Shape Quartet distribution CD
2012 Trato Común Fleming, Leopoldo F., Christian Gonsior & Friends distribution CD
2012 So oder so Trio Akk:zent distribution CD
2011 Resignations with Relations Duo Silgon distribution CD
2010 Life is Still Beautiful Mary Broadcast Band distribution CD
2007 Meet The Onkel ONKEL distribution CD
2007 Master or Slave Veland label -
2005 Pradl Süd Wolfgang Bräuer Trio distribution CD
2005 Seven Intention Kent Langthaler distribution CD
2004 Message Maja Jaku label -
2004 Tribute to Cannonball Jazzodrom distribution CD
2001 Brazil Carin Cosa Latin Band label CD
2001 Postcard From Brazil Berger, Rudi co-produced CD
2001 (sharp eleven) Austrian Saxophone Orchestra distribution CD
2000 Vocalize G., Alberta feat. Wolfgang Puschnig distribution CD
1999 Selection of Hypersax distribution CD
1999 Fonk Is My Fate Newland, Rens distribution CD
1999 Mi Mundo Anton distribution CD
1999 Still Experienced Still Experienced distribution CD
1999 Personal Color Weinberger, Manfred Paul Septett distribution CD
1997 Life At First Sight Phillips, Michael distribution CD
1997 We Three Gradischnig/Abrams/Salfellner distribution CD
1996 In The Mode Maurer, Christian Quintet distribution CD
1995 Eichhorn Eichhorn distribution CD
1995 Snapshots Heyduk, Dieter distribution CD
1995 Flute & Guitar ToneArt distribution CD
1995 Saitenspiele Falk, Rainer distribution CD
1995 Im Namen des Herrn Superfeucht label CD
1994 Music From The Heart of Europe, Sounddesign, MIDEM Sampler 1994 2 Colors, Andiana, Big Blue, Deen, Lisa S., Detomaso, Domino Blue One, Espresso, Hall Of Fame, Heyduk, Dieter, Michael T. S., Ty Tender, Wiff distribution CD
1994 Leise rieselt Geld wie Schnee Bingle Jells distribution CD
1994 AE Aendiaena distribution CD
1993 Fireflower Heyduk, Dieter distribution CD
1993 Different Blue Domino Blue One distribution CD
1993 Saitenblicke Falk, Rainer distribution CD
1993 Espresso 2 Espresso distribution CD
1992 Domino Blue 1 Domino Blue One distribution CD
1992 Better Days Will Come Detomaso label CD
1991 Highlights Heyduk, Dieter distribution CD
1991 Live At Posthof Austria Knochenschau distribution 12INCH33, CD
1990 Frank Yonco Band Frank Yonco Band distribution LP
1985 First Step Berger, Rudi co-produced CD
- Rundschau präsentiert Pop/Rock aus Oberösterreich Aendiaena, Bros, Erwin, Carin Cosa Latin Band, Chasa, Heyduk, Dieter, Ja'Soul, Mhesz, Ulli, Recyclers, Robinson, Tex, Sebastian, Spaice trucking feat. Ian Paice, Still Experienced, Straight Up, Superfeucht, Ty Tender, Waterloo label CD
- Rainsongs Giese, Cornelia distribution CD

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Bros, Erwin & die Geschworenen -


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FAX +43/732/663587
TEL +43/732/663586
TEL +43/664/4158010


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