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Michael Wagner Boss


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1995 Rock Pop History of Salzburg Vol.1 Aardvarks distribution CD-3
1990 Aardvarks´ Odd Ark Aardvarks label CD
1987 Don't Wake The Sleeping Dogs! / Easy Aardvarks distribution 07INCH45
1987 Don´t Wake The Sleeping Dogs! Aardvarks distribution 12INCH33, CD
1985 Salzrock ´85 Live Aardvarks, Aspique, Beatnix, Guy Gisborn, IDN, Isis Noreia, Jimi & The Zodiacs, Laissez Faire, Langweiler, Let Us Be, Poseidon, Speed Limit, Stage, Stainless, Urwerk, Wash, The, Zet label 12INCH33-2
1984 The Aardvarks´ Second Aardvarks distribution 12INCH33
1982 Aardvarks Aardvarks distribution 12INCH33

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Aardvarks Label


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TEL +43/6246/773140