Perpetuum Mobile

Just one year after dropping the ENGELSTAUB album, BUMBUM KUNST enters austrian hiphop with a more than solid solo effort that boasts bouncy production and ruff austrian dialect lyrics. this could be called "dirty south" sound with music reminding of its american counterpart, lots of 808 drums and synthesizers, and dirty vernacular on top of it. but BumBum Kunst also shows his kindness on tracks like "wunschkind" or "de schenste" where sweet soulsamples build the foundation of heartfelt songs. as usual, lots of TTR artists are featured on the album, such as Tibor Foco, Dokta GC , BauXL, Sepp Kultura, Umberto Ghetto and Prinz Ski 2da row, but also Kufsteins finest MOZ gets down on one track. this is the third full length "Mundart" album on TTR and shit gets nastier everytime another record drops. vinyl is limited to 300 pieces, so you know wassup. get it!



Format 12INCH33, CD
Erscheinungsjahr 2006
Duration -
Code -


Format Archivplatz
CD K08R13


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT
A1 - Sog Mein Nom BumBum Kunst - TODO
A2 - Perfect MC BumBum Kunst - TODO
A3 - Cha Cha Cha BumBum Kunst - TODO
A4 - Wunschkind BumBum Kunst - TODO
A5 - Hupf In D'heh BumBum Kunst Rap: Tibor Foco TODO
A6 - Ka Schas BumBum Kunst Rap: Dokta G.C., Moz TODO
B1 - Mia Kumman BumBum Kunst Rap: Bau XL*, Dokta G.C., Sepp Kultura TODO
B2 - Koin BumBum Kunst Rap: Benedikt Walter TODO
B3 - De Schenste BumBum Kunst Rap: Prinz Ski 2da Row, Umberto Ghetto TODO
B4 - Hardcorerappa BumBum Kunst - TODO
B5 - Killahz BumBum Kunst Rap: Benedikt Walter, Tibor Foco TODO
B6 - Sog Niemois Nie BumBum Kunst - TODO


mentioned for person/company/band add. info
guestmusician Tibor «Markee» Foco -
guestmusician «Moz» -
guestmusician «Sepp Kultura» -
guestmusician «Prinz Ski 2da Row» -
guestmusician «Umberto Ghetto» -
guestmusician Christian «Dokta G.C.» Ghahremanian -
guestmusician U. «Bau XL» Nausner -
guestmusician O. «Ohvo aka. Walter Benedikt» Selischkar -
guestmusician C. «DJ Spint» Hinterberger Cuts
label Tontraeger Records -
mastered by Philipp «Flip» Kroll -
produced by Christian «Dokta G.C.» Ghahremanian "koin"
produced by C. «DJ Spint» Hinterberger "hardcorerappa"
produced by BumBum Kunst -