Time To Act

Aids-Hilfe-Sampler (World Aids Day 1993)



Format CD
Erscheinungsjahr 1993
Duration 01:20:57
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Format Archivplatz
CD K01R10


track no. length title interpreter text/music
01 00:04:06 Feia am Dach Ostbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartie Mick Ralphs, Kurt Ostbahn
02 00:03:14 Down On My Knees H.P. Zinker H. P. Zinker
03 00:03:20 Mr. H.IVY Kings of Candlesticks Korak/Kings of Candlesticks
04 00:03:44 Tomorrow Wendy Redred Rosary The Real Mc Coy/Concrete Blond
05 00:03:15 Nachtflug Falco Harald Kloser, Falco
06 00:03:31 Stand Alone Dubblestandart Paul Zasky/Dubblestandart
07 00:04:10 We Are Your Creditor Bomb Circle H. Waiglain
08 00:03:03 Our Love Is Dead Ballyhoo R. Vogel
09 00:03:53 Love Is Blind Hip Hop Finger Leena Conquest/Holler, Malli, Popp
10 00:03:58 Don´t Stop Believing In Love Mo Mo/Beet 4 Feet, Mo
11 00:03:50 What a fuck Aftertouch Jizz Onto/Arnold Layne
12 00:03:33 Electrified Shaken Not Stirred H. O. Atonal/C. Aschauer
13 00:04:27 Choked for A Yoke Pungent Stench A. Wank/Pungent Stench
14 00:04:03 Unification of The Voices Bates Unlimited (The Bates) T. Guth/The Bates Unlimited
15 00:03:55 Never Let Me Down Again Clouds Over Chrysler Depeche Mode
16 00:05:29 Mother Pearl Beat 4 Feet Beet 4 Feet
17 00:04:07 The Man At The Window Papermoon Straub, Thalhammer
18 00:04:07 B. Nice Count Basic P. Legat, L. Kieran
19 00:03:00 Take A Train To Paradise Lovely Rita Fürtauer, Stepanik
20 00:04:32 I´ve Been Loosing You Baum, Andy & The Trix Andi Baum & The Trix
21 00:03:40 Neu Auseer Alpinkatzen, Die (Hubert von Goisern und die Alpinkatzen) Trad.


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