Format LP, MC
Erscheinungsjahr 1985
Duration 00:39:03
Code LP 270.31.014/ MC 470.31.014


Format Archivplatz
12INCH33 LP-LG008


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT
A1 00:03:44 One Night in Bangkok (from "Chess") Ratzer, Karl Ânderson, Rice, Ulvaeus, TODO
A2 00:03:59 Up Where We Belong Ratzer, Karl Nizsche, Sainte-Marie, Jennings TODO
A3 00:05:07 Sailing Ratzer, Karl Southerland TODO
A4 00:04:10 Frogline Ratzer, Karl Ponger TODO
A5 00:03:54 I Just Called To Say I Love You Ratzer, Karl Wonder TODO
B1 00:03:39 Memory (from "Cats") Ratzer, Karl Webber, Eliot, Nunn TODO
B2 00:03:47 Love of the Common People Ratzer, Karl Hurley, Wilkins TODO
B3 00:03:30 To All The Girls I´ve Loved Before Ratzer, Karl Hammond, Paul TODO
B4 00:04:02 Let Me Know Ratzer, Karl Ratzer TODO
B5 00:03:17 Against All Odds Ratzer, Karl Collins TODO


mentioned for person/company/band add. info
distribution Bellaphon Records -
guestmusician Andi Steirer Percussion on A2
guestmusician Heinz Jäger Bass on A2+5
guestmusician Karin Friedl Backing Vocals
guestmusician Peter Ponger DX 7 Bass, Keyboards, String Synthesizer, Accoustic Piano...
guestmusician Traude «T. Phoebe Alexa» Alexa Backing Vocals
guestmusician Martin Wichtl Special Computer Programs
guestmusician Gerhard Wessely Drum Computer Programs
guestmusician Lee Harper Horns
guestmusician Richard sen. Österreicher Harmonica on A2+5
guestmusician Rafael Hidalgo Congas
label Bellaphon Records -