Delicious Tunes

14 pieces of fine electronic biscuits - compiled by Michael Martinek



Format CD
Erscheinungsjahr 2001
Duration 01:08:14
Code -


Format Archivplatz
CD K03R11


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT
01 00:06:09 Walking On Clouds Walkner.Möstl Uwe Walkner & Karl Moestl TODO
02 00:04:11 Mondial UKO UKO TODO
03 00:04:49 (Help Me) Doing The First Step Konsorten TM Konsorten TM TODO
04 00:04:32 Boss On The Boat (Deadbeats Version) Tosca Richard Dorfmeister & Rupert Huber TODO
05 00:04:24 Be 2.c. Helmut Kahlert TODO
06 00:04:59 It's All Life Aromabar Aromabar TODO
07 00:04:38 Mad Mob 'n' Bad Manners Mum Mum TODO
08 00:06:11 How We Walk Sofa Surfers Sofa Surfers TODO
09 00:05:33 On The Corner Bassman Bassman TODO
10 00:04:58 Focus #3 Waxolutionists Waxolutionists TODO
11 00:03:22 Home Kava Kava TODO
12 00:05:08 Out To Lunch Paloma Paloma TODO
13 00:05:21 c-001 B. Fleischmann Bernhard Fleischmann TODO
14 00:03:59 Can't Turn Around Elin DJ Elin orig. by Farley Jackmaster Funk/ Jessie Sounders TODO


mentioned for person/company/band add. info
distribution Automatique Records -
guestmusician Markus Schmitt add. bass on track 4
guestmusician Catherine «Cassy» Britton vocals on track14
guestmusician Sabine «Babe S.» Sommer vocal sample on track 4
guestmusician The Bionic Kid Rhodes on track10
guestmusician Birgit «Leni Lust/ada» Haudek vocals on track 3
label Automatique Records -