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name function
Friedrich Rick WeberVerleger, Produzent
Ulrike WeberA&R, Artwork


year title artist mentioned for format
2018In The Tower of FameFreak Weber Reunion feat. Kietek JureckilabelCD
2010Hear Your Train...Loop Doctorsdistribution, labelCD
2010Best of A Dirty Dozen WorldLoop Doctorslabel, distributionCD
2009Red Box Compilation Vol. 2v.a.distributionCD
2009When The Truth DisappearsNever Ending Circleproduced byCD
2009Viel Zu Früh Und Immer WiederNilsproduced byCD
2009September GirlMuller, Bernard G.labelCD
2009Mama Oliver& Original Suntouchers feat. Mietek JureckiMama Oliver& Original Suntouchersproduced byCD
2008Undisputed Peace Festival Vol.2v.a.distributionCD
2008DriveLoop Doctorslabel, distributionCD
2008Junkman (Loop Doctors Remix)Jagger, Chrisdistribution, labelCD
2007Heute oder morgenLoop DoctorslabelCD
2007In Spite of The LightOriginal Suntouchersdistribution, labelCD
2007Bloody ReunionBlind PetitionlabelCD
2007Loops & RootsMama Oliverdistribution, labelCD
2006Undisputed Peace Festivalv.a.distributionCD
2006It ain't badv.a.distributionCD
2006Family AffairLoop DoctorslabelCD
2006Pleasant Touch - Club EditionMama Oliver feat. LCBlabelCD
2006StardustOriginal Suntouchersdistribution, labelCD
2006Damn FrustratedKind of Lifedistribution, labelCD
2006The power of soundHot Stuff'n'TNTdistribution, labelCD
2005Nowhere is now hereNever Ending CirclelabelCD
2005EinklangDave OnedistributionCD
2005Recreation of the DubDub Vexxxation Arkestralabel, distributionCD-2
2005Latin Passion / Au PaireLoop Doctorslabel, distributionCD
2004Mein Roller und IchPanta RheilabelCD
2004East West Taj MahalMama OliverlabelCD
2004Beefcake SuckersBeefcake Suckerslabel, distributionCD
2004Wir sehn was, was ihr nicht sehtPanta Rheilabel12INCH45, CD
2004Pleasant TouchMama Oliver feat. LCBlabelCD-2
2004Beverly HillsMama Oliver feat. LCBlabel, distributionCD
2003Taste the variety Vol.1v.a.distributionCD
2003No Way OutNever Ending Circleproduced byCD
2003Space Dance (Return of the Mothership)v.a.labelCD
2003(Perfect) 10Deadly MedleylabelCD
2003Everything About NothingPermanent PumplabelCD
2002Red Box Compilation Vol. 1v.a.labelCD
2002Middle Age DanceMS-Tronicdistribution, labelCD
2002live @ "Reigen"Mama Oliver feat. LCBdistribution, labelCD
2002ZionZiondistribution, labelCD
2002The HymnSONORAdistribution, label, produced byCD
2001SpiritMama OliverlabelCD
2000Epik LiveEpikdistribution, labelCD
1999Nicht tot!Sackratten, Dielabel, distributionCD
1999An´s SchneeflockerlWeiss, Harolddistribution, labelCD
1999I Need No LoverMama OliverlabelCD
1999I Need No Loverv.a.label12INCH33
1997Listen To The Pouring RainMama OliverlabelCD
1997Besser als SexEpiklabelCD
1995Ghosts At HomeMama Oliverdistribution, labelCD
1992First Spring Of ConcreteFoggy DewdistributionCD
1992Space FactoryP-Junklabel, distributionCD-MINI-2
1992LiveFreak Weber & Friendsdistribution, labelCD
1989Past Future TodayFreak Weberlabel07INCH45
-AdamWeschitz, ChristianlabelCD
-Another Sound Of Rock MusicFreak Weber & Friendslabel12INCH33, CD
-All Over The UniverseFreak Weberlabel12INCH33, CD
-The Legend of Freak WeberFreak WeberlabelCD
-LullabyFreak Weberlabel07INCH45
-Hoffnung für AfrikaFreak Weberlabel07INCH45

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Weiss, Harold-
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