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Claus «Ringo» Prellinger

plays in

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Schmiedhammereb., dr.---
Sepp Schmidhammer spricht zum Thema----
Big Mäxchoir---
Faro & Big Work-1988--
Faro und Schmiedhammer----
Mollies, Dievoc., eb.-1985-

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Faro und Schmiedhammer-


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Fearproduced by--
Violent Soundtrack Martyriummixed by--
Violent Soundtrack Martyriummastered by--
Bloodforsakenrecorded by--
Violent Soundtrack Martyriumrecorded by--
Youproduced by--
Distanceproduced by--
Move A Lotproduced by--
Better Days In Different Waysproduced by--
Carolineproduced by--
Exploring New Horizonsproduced by--
Blind Dateproduced by--
Unsoundproduced by--
Invadersproduced by--
Rocknrollbabyproduced by--
Who really cares?!produced by--
Lieber ein Verlierer sein...mastered by--
Brokenproduced by--
Brokenmastered by--
Brokenmixed by--
Klassik anders 4mixed by--
Blonde Sellsproduced by--
Blonde Sellsmastered by--
Blonde Sellsmixed by--
Leaving The Swampsproduced by--
Just A Few Minutes...produced by--
Just A Few Minutes...mastered by--
Just A Few Minutes...mixed by--
Der Schatten Einer Existenzproduced by--
SONOTOPIA - Architecture Plays Itselfmastered by--
SONOTOPIA - Architecture Plays Itselfmixed by--
Sammlung 6mastered by--
Sammlung 6mixed by--
Sammlung 6recorded by--
Blue Virtuemastered by--
Blue Virtuemixed by--
Aquis Submersusproduced by--
Bloodforsakenproduced by--
Bloodforsakenmastered by--
Bloodforsakenmixed by--
Indian Masala Mix Vol. 1guestmusicianbass on track 14-
Life Kills / Ich möcht so gern auf Seite 1guestmusiciankeyboards on track B-
In Space And TimeguestmusicianDrum Pattern Programming-


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CCP-RecordsBoss + Techniker

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Falter - Zeitschrift
Issue: 30/12, Seite 31
Die Gier is schiach, die Gier is a Hund
25. Jul 2012