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Michael Tschuggnall  

Michael Tschuggnall


Tschuggnall, Michael


add. guest-musicians on track 9: Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Steve Lukather (git), Michelle Wolf (backing vocals), Leo Sayer (backing vocals), Jason Scheff (backing vocals)


year of publication



CD 2003 00:48:22 -


Format Archivplatz
CD K01R04


track no. length title text/music MT  
0100:04:23I Will TryMichael Tschuggnall/Michael TschuggnallKaufen
0200:03:47Beautiful ThingBrett James/Troy VergesKaufen
0300:03:57Learning How To Love YouNick Lachey/Mark Wright/AngeloKaufen
0400:03:34This TimeJocke Berg/Fredrik Rinman/Malcolm PardonKaufen
0500:03:42For EternityDave Moskin/Markus Gartner, Flo KraemmerKaufen
0600:03:18Book of LoveWerner Stranka, Martin Gellner/Werner Stranka, Martin GellnerKaufen
0700:04:48Too Many Days Like TheseWerner Stranka, Martin Gellner, Dave Moskin/Werner Stranka, Martin GellnerKaufen
0800:03:16When Everyone Knows It´s OverDave Moskin/Dave MoskinKaufen
0900:03:55Tears of HappinessMichael Tschuggnall, Alex Stoeckl/Michael Tschuggnall, Alex StoecklKaufen
1000:03:01What´s At The End of A RainbowPatti Austin/Patti AustinKaufen
1100:04:06The Dream (What A Lucky Man I Am)Peter Greier, Dave Moskin/Peter GreierKaufen
1200:06:35Last GoodbyeMichael Tschuggnall/Michael TschuggnallKaufen


mentioned for person/company/band add. info
produced byPeter Wolftrack 9
arrangementMartin Gellnerstrings arrangement
photosSuzy Stöckl-
produced byBeat 4 Feet-
arrangementWerner Strankastrings arrangement
guestmusicianMarkus Gartnerguitars
guestmusicianFlorian "Flo" Krämmerbackground vocals on track 5
guestmusicianStephan Maasspercussion
guestmusicianFlorian Holoubekdrums, percussion
guestmusicianMartin Gellnerguitars, programming
guestmusicianWerner Strankapiano, keyboards, programming, percussion
guestmusicianTitus Vadondrums on track 8
guestmusicianWilli Langerbass
guestmusicianPeter Greierac-git & solo on track 11
guestmusicianPeter Wolfpiano, keyboards
artworkReinhard Fenzl-
labelUniversal Music GmbH Austria-
distributionUniversal Music GmbH Austria-