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The World of 7Th District Inc.  

The World of 7Th District Inc.


compilation mixed by DJ Lorenzo al Dino; add. tracks: 02 - Kid Creole "Stool Pigeon 99", 03 - Deep Swing feat. Xavior "Shelter", 04 - Zoo Experience feat. Brian Chambers "Higher Love", 07 - Shawn Benson "Keep Standing"


year of publication



CD 1999 - 74321 687522


Format Archivplatz
CD K03R08


track no. length title interpreter text/music MT  
0100:06:37Burnin (districtly club mix)7th District Inc. feat. Janine CrossLorenzo al Dino, Sergio M. Flores.
0500:04:31Licence To Kill (7th district club mix)Count BasicNarada Michael Walden, Jeffery Cohen, Walter N. Afanasieff, John Barry.
0600:06:25Samba In Space (districtly club mix)7th District Inc.Lorenzo al Dino, Sergio M. Flores.
0800:05:00Gimme Good Lovin´ (al Dino & Flores club mix)Hot Pants Road Club, TheGabauer/Gabauer, Maragether.
0900:05:44Work It (al Dino & Flores club mix)7th District Inc. & Michael ProcterLorenzo al Dino, Sergio M. Flores, Michael Procter.
1000:05:25Music (districtly dub)7th District Inc. feat. Woody ThompsonLorenzo al Dino, Sergio M. Flores.
1100:06:03Fortuneteller (original version)7th District Inc. feat. Mystic AuraLorenzo al Dino, Sergio M. Flores.


mentioned for person/company/band add. info
guestmusicianPeter Legatguitar on track 1
guestmusicianThomas Kugisaxophone on track 9
guestmusicianFranz Hackltrumpet on track 11
guestmusicianAstrid Spritznagelflute on track 10
guestmusicianWilli Langerbass on track 1, 5
guestmusicianLaurinho Bandeirapercussion on track 9
guestmusicianAndreas Gabauerbacking vocals on track 1
labelSpray Records-
distributionBMG Ariola Austria GmbH-